Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is AGGRAND more expensive to use than most chemical fertilizers?

A. No, in many cases AGGRAND is less expensive to use per season than other products while encouraging beautiful, healthy plants and super yields of high quality, nutritious vegetables, fruits and field crops.

Q. What plants and/or crops should this fertilizer be used on?

A. AGGRAND works great on all fruits, vegetables, flowers, lawns, trees, shrubs and even houseplants.

Q. AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers have a lower NPK grade than chemical fertilizers do.  Does this mean that they are less effective than the chemical fertilizers?

A. Not at all!  In fact testing has demonstrated that AGGRAND products stimulate the soil microbial activity, helping to process nutrients, making them more available to plants. Only 7-8% of many chemical fertilizers is utilized by the plant while the rest becomes run-off that can contaminate surface and groundwater.

Q. Why should I stop using my usual brand of fertilizer and start using AGGRAND?

A. AGGRAND has a complete line of natural liquid fertilizers. Our tests have shown that AGGRAND out performs chemical fertilizers. AGGRAND is ideal for all vegetables, fruits, flowers, lawns, trees, shrubs, and houseplants without causing the envirormental concerns associated with chemical fertilizers.