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True Testimonials from AGGRAND users and their stories

Soy Beans: Late Crop Thrives With 4-3-3

One Virginia farmer put AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 to a rigorous test last summer and was amazed by the results. Dealer Allen Lawrence, Centreville, Va., planted 28 acres of soybeans at the end of last July. In a drought. “There … Continue reading

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Tomatoes: Texas Tomato Crop Flourishes

Direct Jobber Troy Klump, the “Tomato King” of Castroville, Texas, grows these highly-productive, healthy tomato plants in his yard. Their prolific growth and the size of his tomatoes are the topic of discussion among his customers and helps grow his … Continue reading

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Lawns: No Substitute for AGGRAND Experience

Gerry Reid got involved with AGGRAND almost from day one, and he hasn’t looked back. He read about it, studied it and even went to organic gardening seminars. He learned the products and used them for his lawns and gardens … Continue reading

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Hay: Rancher Sees 58 Percent Increase in Hay Yield with AGGRAND Fertilizer

Cattle ranchers in Texas are at the mercy of the weather when it comes to raising hay for their herds. High temperatures and seasons of drought take their toll on hay crops needed to feed the cattle. AGGRAND Dealer Roy … Continue reading

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Garlic & Peppers: Dealer Displays AGGRAND Crops

AGGRAND Dealer Edward Myers in Mansfield, Ohio used AGGRAND 4-3-3 Natural Fertilizer on the pepper plants and garlic shown on this page. Myers raises Piedmontese beef cattle. He is experimenting with gardening, learning as he goes. “I had more than … Continue reading

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Flower Gardens: AGGRAND Produces ‘Living’ Gift

AMSOIL/AGGRAND Dealer Kim Krueger-Messer wanted to give her mother a special, “living Mother’s Day gift last summer. Krueger-Messer of Lake City, Minn. enlisted her two sons to help landscape and plant flower gardens for her mother. It was a daunting … Continue reading

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Corn: AGGRAND User Gets Record Yield

Versatile, convenient, effective. AGGRAND Natural fertilizers are organically certified liquid nourishment for commercial and private growers of grains, vegetables and flowers. Farmer Richard Ward of Seaman, Ohio uses a combination of AGGRAND 4-3-3 and AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime to get … Continue reading

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Christmas Cactus: Feed Your Christmas Cactus for Next Flowering

Schlumbergera (Christmas cactus) is a mouthful-of-a-name for a species of plant native to Brazil that has become a popular houseplant for its spectacular seasonal blooming habit that ranges in color from pale lavender to yellow, salmon, pink, and bright red. … Continue reading

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Berries: Summer Maintenance for Berry Patches

AGGRAND Recommendations to Help You Grow Sweet, Luscious Berries Maintain your berry patches through the heat of summer by keeping the soil around them moist and fertilized. Strawberries Cover the strawberry bed with mulch such as straw or pine needles … Continue reading

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Asparagus: A Very Fast Food

“Velocius . . . quam asperagi conquantur – Augustus Caesar” When Augustus said “Quicker than you can cook asparagus, he was referring to the very few minutes of steaming fresh asparagus requires before it’s ready to receive a blanket of … Continue reading

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