Our purpose is to meet your lawn, garden and agricultural fertilization needs.

In today’s environmentally conscious society, AGGRAND offers a safe and cost effective line of natural and organic liquid fertilizers. The products are not only convenient, but they are free of harmful chemicals which makes AGGRAND the ideal choice for agriculture, homeowners, commercial growers, lawn care, and turf professionals who are seeking natural products with proven performance.

This website is designed to provide you with sales and product information about AGGRAND natural fertilizers. This information and reference material is also a tool for the AGGRAND Dealer to utilize in his education and promotion to all facets of the population; from the home gardener to the large production farmer.

Our Mission Statment

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers is committed to building balance nutrient rich soils that in turn produce better crops. We create liquid fertilizers from the highest quality natural materials available. Products that support and enhance the sustainable agriculture efforts of the farmer, nursery, lawn care specialist, golf course superintendent, wildlife food plot manager, and home gardener.